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Aortic Arch Derivatives 1

Aortic arch derivatives


Question: During fetal development, the aortic arches give rise to several important vessels. Which of the following structures is derived from the 3rd aortic arch?


A. Maxillary artery

B. External carotid artery

C. Common carotid artery

D. Subclavian artery

E. Internal carotid artery


E. Internal carotid artery


This question tests the knowledge of embryological development of the aortic arches. The aortic arches are a series of six paired embryological vascular structures which give rise to several of the great arteries. Specifically, the third aortic arch forms the common carotid arteries and the proximal part of the internal carotid arteries. The maxillary artery arises from the first aortic arch, the external carotid artery is not derived from any of the aortic arches, the subclavian artery is derived from the fourth and seventh intersegmental arteries, and the common carotid artery, although related to the third aortic arch, is not the correct answer because the question specifically asks for the structure derived from the third aortic arch. Therefore, the correct answer is E. Internal carotid artery.


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